How to Excel at Google My Business – Infographic

Google’s own platform for business owners has gone through many changes in the last number of years but as it stands today known as “Google My Business” (GMB), it’s a vital cog in the engine of any physical business. This is because having a well optimised presence on the Google My Business platform means that you have more of a chance of being visible in the Google search engine results page (SERP). It also informs potential and existing customers about your contact details and your opening/closing hours. Keeping these details up to date is hugely important in order to please your customers. If your contact or opening hours details aren’t up to date, how will customers use your business? There is also the ability to post content on GMB pages; you can post text, photo and video updates and sometimes people like to add 360 degree imagery. Reviews are also a major element of your GMB and it’s a good idea to focus on review gathering as those star ratings will also show on your listing in the SERP.

The below infographic outlines the benefits of having a presence on the Google My Business platform; it shows some ideas about what to post on the platform; it indicates how to deal with negative reviews in GMB and it provides some nice expert advice about getting ahead on the platform. Check it out below!

Google My Business Infographic

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