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Get the workplace ready for the new normal reality:
take advantage of live occupancy technology to adapt work locations, optimize workplace operations, and safeguard workers and office tenants’ wellbeing.


How real-time occupant density supports new workplace strategies

Whether you’re managing a single company workplace or millions of square feet of office space across multiple locations, you and your team face new safety requirements and a new set of operational targets.

Storetraffic’s solutions will upgrade your workplace management toolbox with real-time occupancy data and automated foot traffic analytics that foster successful COVID-19 safety measures. Accurate, efficient, and easily scalable, our people counters and advanced software can you help implement workplace strategies geared towards people’s wellbeing and business continuity.

Know your workplace’s occupancy

Know your workplace’s occupancy

On your smartphone, tablet or computer, get the real-time occupant density for one or multiple workplace locations you operate or manage—specific room, office space, area or floor, entire building or campus.

Optimize space usage

Plan, rethink, or right-size your square-foot usage and operating expenses for specific building or workplace areas by leveraging real-time and period-based foot traffic data—per day, week, month, or year

Provide leading occupant safety

Provide leading occupant safety

Comply with regulations, produce audit reports quickly, and reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission by controlling occupant density. Receive alerts when occupancy exceeds your capacity protocol, and ensure that stakeholders, like security personnel, are automatically alerted.

Reassure your people

By setting and communicating your automated live occupancy control—real-time data can be displayed on your website—you’ll let your tenants or employees know you value their safety and help restore their confidence in the workplace.

Leverage people’s engagement

Leverage people’s engagement

Get your employees to actively take part in density control by automatically posting real-time occupancy levels on digital signage* they can consult before entering the workplace or a work area—*tablet, mobile, display, tv.

Implement return-to-work strategies

Implement return-to-work strategies

Leverage occupancy trends to optimize tactics aimed at de-densifying office space and mitigating the spread of COVID-19—e.g., progressive reentry, staggered hours, split teams. Ensure successful execution with automated real-time occupancy control.


Optimize facility services

Turn to your automated live occupancy analytics to allow cleaning crews and other maintenance personnel to focus on the most high-priority areas, ensuring useful and timely service delivery

Live occupancy at your service

COVID-19 has taken ideas on how people

will work together in the future and put them front and center. Tomorrow’s flexibility has become today’s workplace necessity.

Storetraffic’s live occupancy solutions serve the needs of office space, retailers, libraries, universities, casinos, public venues, and administrations

People Counting Done Right

From major retail operations to culture and knowledge institutions, Storetraffic has been implementing customer traffic sensing solutions for nearly 50 years.

We provide organizations big and small with right-sized people counting hardware and unique proprietary software. Together, our user and budget-friendly solutions enable our clients to reap the benefits of connected metrics analysis, ensuring their business or institution performs at an optimal level and adapts smartly to evolving conditions.


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