Raising Performance From a Distance

What do you do when people located in leading fashion apparel stores around the world are counting on you to drive everyday business? You work with purpose and passion, that’s for sure. But you also implement the right set of tools to reach your goals.


What do you do when people located in leading fashion apparel stores around the world are counting on you to drive everyday business? You work with purpose and passion, that’s for sure. But you also implement the right set of tools to reach your goals.


From its corporate offices in Minnesota, AM Retail Group operates nearly 300 retail stores in five different countries. Under its umbrella: DKNY, Karl Lagerfeld Paris, Wilsons Leather, G.H. Bass & Co, and Calvin Klein Performance. With such preeminent names, best bring your a-game to the table!


In accomplishing its mission, AM Retail Group bolsters the promise of delivering great merchandise and innovative programs by leveraging a strategic and targeted set of metrics. Chief among them is foot traffic data provided by Storetraffic people counters, one of their principal instruments to successfully oversee store performance from a distance.


We sat down with AM Retail Group’s Vice President Store Operations. Cut to a quick, five-point people counter Q&A session with Mr. John Fondakowski.


What problem were you looking to resolve when moving forward with a Storetraffic people counting solution?

We wanted to ensure our traffic counts were accurate and that a store could not manipulate them.


Why was this important?

We gage our business on one of our key metrics: foot traffic. We also report foot traffic to the street, and it needs to be accurate. Footfall is a component of conversion, which is how we incent and measure our stores.


How did it affect the business?

Inaccurate or missing traffic caused us to have deflated or inflated traffic numbers. We could not accurately report on our business or measure our stores.


Why did you choose to partner with Storetraffic vs other people counting providers?

We looked at the accuracy of the 3D Scope II counter, along with the information on Storetraffic’s website. We felt it was a good solution for our stores. Storetraffic had the technology that would ensure we would have accurate traffic and reduce any manipulations or mispolls.


Would you recommend Storetraffic, and why?

Yes, they have very good service and are attentive to our needs. They also continue to improve technical capabilities and upgrade their offerings.

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