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The brick and mortar store is in combat mode and that is set to continue as they vie for footfall and attention from customers who are swayed by the lure of online stores. Brick and mortar retail is very much alive and kicking though and it’s ready for a fight. One major advantageous element that brick and mortar stores have over their online counterparts is the face-to-face contact they have with their customers. This is immensely powerful as long as stores execute it well and that comes in the form of excellent customer service. This is a policy that requires continual enforcement, training and emphasis from management down in order to ensure that all staff understand its importance. Excellent customer service has the ability to be immensely powerful but it needs to be consistent and it needs to be a tone that is maintained across all levels of staff. We have put together this infographic all about customer service excellence in retail. It outlines its importance to the business; it explains the concept of a customer experience roadmap; it details some customer service improvement tips plus lots more.

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