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What are people counters and why are they important?

Learn more about the fundamentals of people counters and why private businesses and public institutions across several sectors incorporate people counting data in their decision-making process. 

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Retail vs COVID-19 Restrictions:
how many customers allowed in your store?

With the COVID-19 pandemic, retailers worldwide have had to deal with challenges and constraints unheard of before. Indeed, as business owners, it’s hard to imagine such a thing as too many store customers.

How to manage occupancy
monitoring inside your location

The more people, the better, right? Until the first quarter of 2020, that was the mindset. Then COVID-19 happened, turning the general formula on its head.

Social Distancing and Occupancy Limits: Looks Into People Counting Solutions with Storetraffic

A paramount metric of retail analytics, foot traffic data is playing a crucial role in helping businesses and other public venues in their efforts to ensure everyone’s safety, following the initial wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.


More and more stores, businesses, and public body locations are reopening as we speak. The outcome of the COVID-19 crisis may still be unclear, but this burst of activity, after more than two months of near-total dormancy, is stimulating. It's good news for retailers, good news for consumers looking to get back some sense of normalcy, and a most welcome breath of fresh air for everyone.

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