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August 14, 2022 – SourceForge, the world’s largest software review and comparison platform, presents SMS Storetraffic with the Top Performer Award for summer 2022, adding to several other recent accolades for the pioneering people counting system provider.

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Advantages of Directional and Non-Directional Foot Traffic Data

One question retailers ask when considering a traffic counting system is whether to install directional or non-directional detectors. Determining which is most appropriate depends on the value of the information, the cost of getting it, and the ROI potential. If directional counts are mission critical and provide action-able data, then this technology is appropriate.

The New Retail Sales Equation To Drive Your Closing Ratio

For nearly 30 years, we have been following closing ratio in stores and its relationship to sales. The bottom line... if you are serious about increasing your store sales, the fastest, least expensive and longest lasting increases in sales will come as a result of selling to a higher percentage of your traffic. This is especially true in mall based specialty stores, but we have seen cases, such as liquor stores, where one would believe that everyone that enters the store will make a purchase make significant increases in sales by focusing on the things that drive closing ratio.

How To Measure The Impact Of Your Retail Marketing Campaigns

Advertising Impact CAN Be Measured Two stories: Sporting Goods A small western sporting goods chain saved over $400,000 in advertising expenses the first year they installed traffic counters by measuring the impact of print advertising on their traffic and comparing it with their sales. They found that a campaign initially drew additional heavy traffic (and sales); then the traffic increase fell off while the increased sales continued.

Walmart vs. Target | Who’s Winning The Discount Store Battle

Target and Walmart are synonymous with supermarket retailing in North America. Both are powerhouses and constitute the destination supermarket for many Americans. Pitched as the superstore that offers the customer the top discounts for the goods they want, their slogans even follow similar messages.

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