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August 14, 2022 – SourceForge, the world’s largest software review and comparison platform, presents SMS Storetraffic with the Top Performer Award for summer 2022, adding to several other recent accolades for the pioneering people counting system provider.

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How To Increase Retail Sales Without Discounting

Lack of service due to incorrect staffing of the store to meet the number of customers is one of the main reasons of loss sales. A store who got a traffic of 3,000 visitors in a week, but sells only 15% to them, it’s just 450 transactions. This situation means that 2,550 people leaved the store without buying. If we want to enhance the sales of 5%, it’s necessary to sell to 23 of the 2,550 visitors who didn’t buy. Perhaps the mailman or delivery man comes a few times.

Storetraffic stands out at the 2016 NRF Big Show

Our presence at the 2016 edition of the NRF Big Show was a tremendous success.  We are delighted to have met so many of you during the show and look forward to working with you in the upcoming year!   The excitement around our booth was tangible. We were proud to showcase our latest innovations in traffic counting & demographic analytics.

Learn About Our Foot Traffic Solutions At the NRF 2016

SMS is introducing an advanced demographic analytics solution which provides more detailed information about the people who shop at your stores. Empower your marketing to better target your key audience, measure the results and improve your product mix.

Macy’s vs Harrods Side-by-Side Comparison

In terms of retail history and excellence, Macys and Harrods are synonymous. Both are destination retail stores when people travel to where the stores are located. Up until recent years, Harrods was a store that could only be visited in the UK capital of London, this however is changing. Macy’s is a retail name that is distinctly North American...

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