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Ensure consistent customer experience and create safe, confidence-inspiring shopping spaces that comply with COVID-19 guidelines.

Foot traffic data for food retailers

The challenges brought upon us by the COVID-19 crisis have reminded everyone of the importance of grocery stores and supermarkets in our lives. With accurate live occupancy numbers and in-store traffic trends on hand, grocery store and supermarket decision-makers can consistently provide customers with the best possible service while still ensuring everyone’s safety.

Simple, reliable, and multifunctional, Storetraffic’s people counting technologies will automatically collect and provide you with the essential numbers that help you deliver on your essential business’s promise.

food shopper

Get live access to food shopper density

At any given moment, know the current number of people in your establishment. Share shopper density numbers in real time—through smartphone, tablet, or computer—to associates and security personnel on the floor or upper management.


Provide leading occupant safety

Monitor your store entries for one or multiple entrances. Track live occupancy and set alerts to prevent congestion, enforce social distancing orders, ensure customer and employee safety, and provide clear information in occupancy compliance audits.


Manage in-store traffic strategies

Build customer trust and provide a reassuring shopping space during circumstances like COVID-19. Display occupant density numbers on customer-facing digital signage. Plus, prevent potential problems if people are excited or under stress and improve emergency responses.

Increased impact

Optimize Staff management

Leverage foot traffic trends to improve staff allocation all-year-around, ensuring the best customer service experience at the most efficient cost. Optimize resources for cleaning rounds, cart availability, parking management, and more, by aligning with in-store traffic numbers.

Easy to install

Install or scale up easily

Compact and discreet, our footfall systems can be set up swiftly, with ongoing support by the Storetraffic team. People counters in several entrances or different stores will work in concert, connecting to a centralized platform.


Get up-to-date feedback

Whether on- or off-site, oversee your store's performance with scheduled emailed reporting or through a mobile-friendly people counting software. Receive detailed information on foot traffic and sales. Compare in-store visits to online deliveries.


Execute agile marketing

Take advantage of traffic data to plan in-store promotions and monitor their impact more quickly.

Footfall numbers and COVID-19 repercussions

Social distancing and hygiene measures will be enforced for months following the initial COVID-19 outbreak to ensure everyone's protection. Customers and citizens will be turning to businesses and public destinations that are the most proactive and rigorous in terms of safety measures.

People Counting Done Right

From major retail operations to culture and knowledge institutions, Storetraffic has been implementing customer traffic sensing solutions for nearly 50 years.

We provide organizations big and small with right-sized people counting hardware and unique proprietary software. Together, our user and budget-friendly solutions enable our clients to reap the benefits of connected metrics analysis, ensuring their business or institution performs at an optimal level and adapts smartly to evolving conditions.


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