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The leading people counting software

From the big picture to the finer details, our exclusive all-in-one T.M.A.S. platform is your go-to partner to increase performance and keep heading in the right direction.



Discover your retail traffic trends

Understand what drives in-store sales


Connect your P.O.S. and staff metrics


Optimize staff management and shopper experience


Assess your business’s performance with customized metrics analysis


Measure and Improve your Retail Customer Experience

Traffic data analytics to reach your business goals

Target your KPIs, schedule your emailed reports and gauge performance in the most user-relevant format (HTML, PDF, Excel)

In and out traffic data with time-sensitive accuracy (down to count-by-count breakdown).

See how much of the nearby foot traffic your store captures.

Detailed sales performance information, highlighted low and high-performance period and transactions per business hour and staff member.

Business Insights Done Right

Track, and manage your store through your mobile, tablet, PC, or MAC!

All-in-one dashboard

A vantage point to assess your business’s performance and operations. Per store or for multiple locations: oversee transactions, traffic, staff members, marketing initiatives, and more.

Benchmarking and KPIs

Compare, analyze, take action: date-to-date KPI reports help you turn weaker points into assets.

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Data-driven marketing​

Connect traffic, sales, and marketing tactics through the multifunctional dashboard to plan and evaluate your promotions.

Optimal foot traffic analytics​

Accelerate data analysis and spotlight trends by ensuring your metrics and existing systems are connected—traffic, P.O.S., staff calendar, store hours, or other.

PEARL mobile application

The Wireless PEARL People Counter comes with our free, exclusive Storetraffic App. Kick-start your experience by following the App’s simple step-by-step set-up instructions for your new PEARL sensor. Then, turn to the App to:  

  • View your daily and hourly in-and-out foot traffic for one or several PEARL sensors and locationsfrom anywhere at any time 
  • Receive updated footfall numbers every hour, and display up to four weeks of logged data 
  • Swiftly upgrade to T.M.A.S. for more enhanced analytics, POS integration, live occupancy, faster updates and more 

T.M.A.S.: Retail footfall analysis​

We channeled decades of experience in people-counting solutions and traffic data understanding to create the ultimate retail traffic software. Upgrade to the feature-rich T.M.A.S. platform and reap the benefits of connected metrics analysis.

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Painless integration process​

we’re committed to ensuring no time is wasted in connecting your various systems.


Hear from our clients

Customer counting made easy. It's really easy to have the reports made and emailed to me monthly at the end of the month.“
Trevor P.R.
Fantastic Resource for Retail Stores. It keeps great statistics to use for analytics and knowing how many people are in your store and how you can plan for staffing.“
Scott G.
We have been working with Store Traffic for almost 3 years now and have their counters in all 40+ (growing) locations. The products have performed very well even in the harshest of conditions (Puerto Rico after the hurricanes).“
Jack Hegner
Overall I am pleases with the product and service from Store Traffic. Early on there were some networking issues that kept cropping up but they were fixed and the techs have been diligent in monitoring to ensure the problem does not reappear.”
Dan Ward
Excellent counters, support and experience. Have had their counter for many years and still work flawlessly. We would not consider any other company.”
Stephen Sullivan