The leading people counting software

From the big picture to the finer details, our exclusive all-in-one T.M.A.S. platform is your go-to partner to increase performance and keep heading in the right direction.

The leading people counting software

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Discover your retail traffic trends

Understand what drives in-store sales

Connect your P.O.S. and staff metrics

Optimize staff management and shopper experience

Assess your business’s performance with customized metrics analysis

Measure and Improve your Retail Customer Experience

Traffic data analytics to reach your business goals

Performance reports

Target your KPIs, schedule your emailed reports and gauge performance in the most user-relevant format (HTML, PDF, Excel)

Entries and exits

In and out traffic data with time-sensitive accuracy (down-to-the-minute with Web API).

Large Coverage Area

See how much of the nearby foot traffic your store captures.

Real-time Foot Traffic Analytics

Detailed sales performance information, highlighted low and high-performance period and transactions per business hour and staff member.

Business Insights Done Right

Track, and manage your store through your mobile, tablet, PC, or MAC!

All-in-one dashboard

A vantage point to assess your business’s performance and operations. Per store or for multiple stores: oversee transactions, traffic, staff members, marketing initiatives, and more.

Benchmarking and KPIs

Compare, analyze, take action: date-to-date KPI reports help you turn weaker points into assets.

TMAS foot traffic app - storetraffic

Data-Driven Marketing

Connect traffic, sales, and
marketing tactics through the
multifunctional dashboard to
plan and evaluate your promotions.

Optimal Foot Traffic Analytics

Accelerate data analysis and spotlight trends by ensuring your metrics and existing systems are connected—traffic, P.O.S., staff calendar, store hours, or other.

T.M.A.S.: Retail Footfall Analysis

We channeled decades of experience in people-counting solutions and traffic data understanding to create the ultimate retail traffic software. Upgrade to the feature-rich T.M.A.S. platform and reap the benefits of connected metrics analysis.

T.M.A.S.: Retail Footfall Analysis​

Painless integration process

Painless integration process

we’re committed to ensuring no time is wasted in connecting your various systems.

Case Studies

How Furniture MART USA Counts On Storetraffic’s People Counting System

When founder William A. Hinks planted the seeds of Furniture Mart USA in 1976, his vision was to provide customers with a high-value one-stop location that covered the whole gamut of customers’ home and design needs. Fast-forward to today, and the vision remains the same, albeit with a resounding twist: Furniture Mart USA has grown from a single store location in South Dakota to one of the top 40 furniture retailers in the country!
metromall - outside view

Why Grupo Roble Recommends Storetraffic’s People Counting Solution

Working with SMS has been a pleasure, the process was made easy through their service and the information has proved to be very valuable. We highly recommend traffic counters and the analisis of the information provided by SMS.