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People counting solutions for large retailers

From nationwide chains to single stores, capture the insights that unlock your retail potential with Storetraffic’s footfall solutions. 

Storetraffic’s people counting plans for large retailers

Ease of use, performance and scalability: our pioneering people counting systems have been helping retailers to optimize operations and drive higher profits for nearly 50 years.
Today, we continue to raise the bar!


There’s no time like NOW, you say? Get instant feedback on your stores’ performance along with Live Occupancy Control with Storetraffic’s leading Real-time Plan.



Are you seeking to educate store managers on the importance of traffic and conversion rate? Empower your team with features designed specifically to help retailers drive sales and optimize operations.


Do you want to capture in-store traffic and passerby counts but wish to analyze your data through a third-party platform? Storetraffic’s Standard Plan is your best fit!

Peace of mind comes standard with each one of our people counter plans:

Top-rated people counting solutions for large retailers and major retail chains

From enterprise-grade technology to capture your footfall numbers to streamlined tools that empower store & regional managers, Storetraffic provides you with the right people counting solutions for your business needs.

Create a strong conversion culture

Empower your retail team with up-to-date access to actionable metrics. Increase overall performance by allowing them to understand and observe the impact of their efforts on KPIs and conversion rate.

Up-to-date foot traffic

No more second-guessing your number of customers: with automated people counting technology, view your store’s traffic and sales trends through the free mobile app, the full-suite T.M.A.S. software, or using scheduled emailed reports.

Increased retailer productivity

No more spreadsheet or time lost connecting the dots: get your conversion rate automatically, with numbers that are right on the money! Plus: optimize your costs by aligning staff, opening hours and stock management with your key sales period.

Drive higher retail profits

Understand what you need to improve to grow your revenue. Working with Storetraffic’s exclusive Retail Equation Simulator, use your footfall trends, run what-if scenarios and reveal the story behind your numbers.

Agile marketing for your store

Take advantage of foot traffic data to plan your marketing tactics. Monitor and confirm impact quickly and make adjustments much more swiftly.

Improved customer experience

Optimize your staff-to-customer ratio using your store’s traffic trends. Plus: finally(!), measure the impact of improved customer experience levels on your retail performance metrics.

Get special discounts for large retailers.

Ask us about our custom packages and significant
discounts available to larger retailers. Our team will
provide you with the best option to meet your needs!

Automated, scalable and flexible people
counting solutions

Built to last and designed to deliver insights into your large retailer reality, Storetraffic’s solutions cover the entire gamut of footfall metrics, from leading sensors like the PEARL people counter to the fully integrated T.M.A.S. analytics platform.

This is business intelligence that works!


The smart, low-cost wireless people counter
designed for small and medium retailers.

More and more large retailers are choosing PEARL to swiftly assess a store’s performance or to monitor foot traffic permanently—it’s that good! Wireless and seamless, our PEARL people counter packs several features of higher-end sensors at a lower cost.

Plus: PEARL’s self-install design makes deployment costs a thing of the past!



The ideal people counter for demanding foot
traffic situations and large retail chains.

Are your store managers questioning foot traffic numbers? 3D SCOPE removes all doubt thanks to a 99% accuracy score and see-for-yourself remote video validation ability.

Plus: with its ultra sensitive sensor and zero maintenance design 3D SCOPE handles complex, high-density retail environments like a champ.



The user-friendly retail traffic analytics
platform that connects seamlessly with your
sales, transaction and staffing data to help
you reach your goals.
As easy to use as it is powerful, our T.M.A.S. analytics
platform handles the number-crunching. You get the
insights you seek, consistently AND automatically!

Plus: T.M.A.S. empowers your team and increases their
performance thanks to its exclusive Retail Equation

Connect with your POS* and Staffing Data* easily

Export your foot traffic data swiftly

Enterprise support for large retailers

With Storetraffic’s technology, you don’t need the kind of technical support that other people counting systems require.

For Retailers — Now with the free app!

The Retail Equation Simulator

Get a competitive edge: understand how to drive higher profits with our exclusive Retail Equation Simulator.

Run simulations

Type in values or tap the + and - signs to run simulations

Conversion Rate (%)
Average Transaction Value ($)


Hear from our clients

Very good experience. Support has always been there and great teamwork. Best so far from all the other store traffic software we tried.

Shalesh R.

The SMS Storetraffic software is very robust, allowing for POS integration and the importing of staff hours. This allows for a detailed analysis of key metrics related to foot traffic, sales conversions, and staff-to-customer ratios.

John L.

Was skeptical at first but very useful for my small business. Lots of ways to interpret data related to traffic count. Can make staffing decisions, see effect of marketing campaigns etc.

Tim O.

Overall I am pleases with the product and service from Store Traffic. Early on there were some networking issues that kept cropping up but they were fixed and the techs have been diligent in monitoring to ensure the problem does not reappear.

Dan Ward

Excellent counters, support and experience. Have had their counter for many years and still work flawlessly. We would not consider any other company.

Stephen Sullivan