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Our smart visitor data solutions help to control visitor flow and capacity limits in museums. What’s more, they provide decision-makers with powerful insights to optimize a museum’s management and expand its impact.


Visitor analytics for museums and galleries

Today’s museums must also gather and understand information about themselves. Seamless technology like SMS Storetraffic’s people counting solution delivers precise and reliable visitor numbers to move forward confidently.

Our foot traffic sensors and software offer critical insights to measure and extend the impact of events and exhibits, secure funding, increase revenue, and upgrade a museum’s programming, marketing, and operations.

Organize staff, security and volunteer shifts efficiently, using your visitor data to spot your museum’s peak hours and busiest spaces. Also: minimize disruption by scheduling the maintenance for an area during lower traffic periods.

Leverage retail and eating zones’ footfall numbers to optimize stock management and improve your conversion rates. Identify high-traffic areas in your museum to get maximum exposure for drive-to-retail displays, sponsors, retail spaces and attractions. Plus: use the data to make better marketing decisions and monitor your tactics more effectively.
Reliable and readily available foot traffic data allows you to allocate staff in strategic areas, refine curatorial decisions relative to traffic patterns and regulate visitor flow. The result? An enhanced museum experience that translates into repeated visits, new visitors, and higher membership numbers.
Our sensors handle high volumes of traffic while fading into the background. Together with proven software, they provide museum decision-makers with insights to establish budgets, plan future exhibits, define visitor and membership goals, and more. Using our free mobile app or T.M.A.S. platform, your team also receives up-to-date visitor numbers and gets access to a wide range of reports.
Map out your programming schedule to capitalize on high traffic periods and pull in more people during quiet times. Review foot traffic per exhibit and understand visitor engagement with museum spaces to identify popular attractions and target areas of improvement.
A robust people counting system provides undeniable evidence of your museum’s impact. This hard data not only reflects your reach; it stimulates donations, helps secure sponsors and allows you to produce full grant and funding proposals.

Take advantage of the Live Occupancy feature to monitor museum traffic in real time for the entire building or specific areas. Set capacity limits and keep your team informed through the mobile app to prevent overcrowding and foster physical distancing. Plus: share live occupant density with visitors, online or on-site through digital displays, and easily export traffic reports for compliance audits.

“Businesses, brands, organizations and communities alike are using Big Data to provide value, deliver services and understand trends. And museums are no exception.”


Leaders in people counting solutions

You could say that we paved the way for visitor data collection and analysis. Between retail operations, cultural destinations and knowledge institutions, SMS Storetraffic has been at the forefront of foot traffic systems for nearly 50 years.

Our user- and budget-friendly solutions allow big and small organizations to reap the benefits of connected metrics analysis. Together, SMS Storetraffic’s right-sized people counting hardware and unique proprietary software enable businesses and institutions to perform at optimal levels and adapt smartly to evolving conditions.

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