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People counting solutions for small and medium retailers

Turn your store’s foot traffic numbers into powerful business insights.

Trusted by big and small companies

See how Storetraffic helps you
unlock your retail potential

Top-rated people counting solutions for retailers

Ease of use, performance and affordability: grow your business with people counting systems developed by the pioneers in retail foot traffic.

Backed by decades of experience, Storetraffic’s leading sensors and software provide small and medium retailers with the high-end tech once reserved for the big chains.

Create a strong conversion culture

Empower your retail team with up-to-date access to actionable metrics. Increase overall performance by allowing them to understand and observe the impact of their efforts on KPIs and conversion rate.

Up-to-date foot traffic

No more second-guessing your number of customers: with automated people counting technology, view your store’s traffic and sales trends through the free mobile app, the full-suite T.M.A.S. software, or using scheduled emailed reports.

Increased retailer productivity

No more spreadsheet or time lost connecting the dots: get your conversion rate automatically, with numbers that are right on the money! Plus: optimize your costs by aligning staff, opening hours and stock management with your key sales period.

Drive higher retail profits

Understand what you need to improve to grow your revenue. Working with Storetraffic’s exclusive Retail Equation Simulator, use your footfall trends, run what-if scenarios and reveal the story behind your numbers.

Agile marketing for your store

Take advantage of foot traffic data to plan your marketing tactics. Monitor and confirm impact quickly and make adjustments much more swiftly.

Improved customer experience

Optimize your staff-to-customer ratio using your store’s traffic trends. Plus: finally(!), measure the impact of improved customer experience levels on your retail performance metrics.

Think data-driven business intelligence is for national chains only? Think again.

No IT team or Business Intelligence Analyst? No worries!
Storetraffic’s streamlined people counting solutions handle the data crunching. You get actionable insights with none of the hassle!

Are you looking for a user-friendly and
cost-effective people counting solution?

Built to last and designed to deliver insights into YOUR RETAIL REALITY, Storetraffic’s solutions cover the whole gamut of footfall metrics, from leading sensors like the PEARL people counter to the fully integrated T.M.A.S. analytics platform.

This is business intelligence made simple!


The user-friendly retail traffic analytics
platform that connects seamlessly with POS
software to help you reach your goals.
Seamless integration process with

Measure the impact of increasing your sales conversion

See how incremental changes in your conversion rate can translate into significantly higher profits!
Slide the pointers

to understand the impact of each variable on your profits.​

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