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Elevate library experience

Discover how our right-sized traffic sensing solutions can serve as powerful tools to understand your organization’s story and optimize library operations.

Foot traffic analytics for libraries

The more we know about an organization, the more empowered we are to fulfill its mission.

By accruing detailed traffic information about your library, you can promote and expand its ongoing role as a vibrant hub where people learn, gather, grow, and discover.

optimized staff

Optimized Staff management

Leverage clear traffic trends to determine staff allocation.


Enhanced Visitor Experience

Provide higher quality services by ensuring your number of scheduled employees aligns with your peak periods.


Instant access to foot traffic data

Oversee your library’s traffic from anywhere, at any time, with scheduled emailed reporting, through the free mobile app or the full-suite T.M.A.S. software.


Smart programming calendar

Increase your reach by using traffic data to map out your activities calendar. Capitalize on high traffic periods, or pull in more people during quiet times.


Increased Library Funding

Ensure your institution receives the funding it deserves by leveraging your traffic metrics to further demonstrate your library’s undeniable impact.

“The library, as an institution, is never fully finished. It will always blend and adapt,
to continue to meet the needs of its user.”

– Five Laws of Library Science, S.R. Ranganathan

Leaders in people counting solutions

We wrote the book on people counting! From retail operations to culture and knowledge institutions, SMS Storetraffic has been implementing traffic sensing solutions for nearly 50 years.

We provide organizations big and small with right-sized people counting hardware and unique proprietary software. Together, our user and budget-friendly solutions enable our clients to reap the benefits of connected metrics analysis, ensuring their business or institution performs at an optimal level and adapts smartly to evolving conditions.


Learn more about our connected people
counting solutions


All-in-one T.M.A.S. Platform is Your go-to-Partner To Increase Performance And Keep Heading In The Right Direction.


Next-gen, Wireless Door-mounted People Counter Installs In Minutes And Fits Seamlessly In Retail Spaces.

3D Scope II LC

Smart, Highly Dynamic Stereoscopic Camera With precise Image Processing And Feature-rich Application.

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