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Smart, agile, and always ready: Storetraffic’s community of Certified Partners
embodies the very qualities that define our leading people counting technologies.

Partners you can count on

Storetraffic has been a market leader in footfall systems for 50 years. But we didn’t go at it alone.


As our people counting systems continued to provide businesses and public organizations with valued foot traffic insights,

we joined forces on multiples occasions with local trusted professionals to implement projects and provide higher satisfaction to remote markets.


Today, Storetraffic is counting a various certified partners and looking to increase its network worldwide.

Our values remain, just the right services by the right people.

No stock piling of authorized dealers but just a few strategic partners to ensure professional support to our end-customers across geographical borders.

Why work with a Certified Storetraffic Partner

Storetraffic People Counting hardware expertise

Certified technical and product implementation know-how

Personalized Storetraffic app and software assistance

Access to Storetraffic foot
traffic intelligence

Market knowledge and dedicated
Customer support

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Join the Storetraffic
Partner Community

At Storetraffic, we build trusted and long-lasting relationships with all our customers. This philosophy holds with our community of business partners as well.

Working with us, Storetraffic’s Certified Partners further extend our mission to provide any size business or institution with smart, right-sized people counting hardware and leading foot traffic software.

Together, we deliver added value and bring focused technologies with proven ROI to the growing worldwide people counting system market (USD 1,333 million market by 2025).

Are you thinking of becoming a Certified Storetraffic Partner?


We’re always standing by and eager to help.

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