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Frequent Asked Question (FAQ)


Everything you need. PEARL comes with pre-installed AA batteries, mounting brackets with peel-and-stick 3M™ tape already in place, and a special tool to press the hidden setup button. In other words: PEARL is ready to be installed in minutes—just stick at the entrance, pull the battery pull tabs, download the app, and follow the simple steps.
Yes. The PEARL People Counter works as a pair of two sensors, one main and one secondary unit. These two sensors come standard with every PEARL system at 495 USD. Install a sensor on each side of the doorway; when someone passes through the beam, PEARL adds that person to your foot traffic data. PEARLS sensors are Bi-directional, counting both in’s and out’s separately
Yes, it is. No wires are needed. PEARL is WiFi-enabled and works with standard AA batteries.
It connects to standard 2.4 GHz WiFi networks such as W.P.A., WPA2, and WEP. The same network you connect to with your computer. Enterprise type of authentication is not supported, and 5Ghz-only networks are not supported.
Yes. PEARL can tell the difference between someone coming in and going out. It registers both. The standard report will show you the number of entries. You can see the number of exits in the detailed version of the report.
In theory, yes. It depends on the rules and settings of the public WiFi service. Connecting to your WiFi network is preferable.
PEARL detects one person at a time, so it works perfectly in most single-door and double-door entrances, and can still work well for large entrances with a low to medium traffic flow.
PEARL works with doors opening outwards. It can work in entrances with doors opening inwards too, as long as it’s mounted beyond the door swing, inside the location.
Yes. But if the system is directly exposed to bright sunlight, its maximum entrance coverage is reduced to 7 feet. This is more than enough, however, to cover standard double doors.

PEARL has many smart energy-saving features. Battery life depends on the factors below. While results may vary, you can typically expect between 6 to 12 months of battery life, excluding Real-Time Mode*. PEARL will send you an email alert when the battery level is low. 

Factors that can affect battery life: 

  • Communication frequency with the server: the LITE Plan connects to the server every hour. 30min and 15min intervals, or even real-time* connection, are available with other plans. 
  • Distance between sensors: PEARL automatically adjusts its signal detection capability when the primary and secondary units are farther apart—this puts more load on the battery. 
  • Sunlight exposition: PEARL automatically adjusts its signal detection capability when exposed to sunlight—this puts more load on the battery. 
  • WiFi signal strength: if the WiFi signal is low, PEARL may require more energy from the battery to establish a connection. 
  • Regular blocking of the beam signal: PEARL will send alerts every time its signal is blocked by someone or something for more than 60 seconds. If this happens often, it could affect battery life. 
  • Regular business or operating hours: PEARL shuts down automaticallyto save the battery energy according to hours you entered in the software 
  • Use of Energizer batteries: high-quality batteries make a real difference. Some inexpensive batteries have low capacity and end up costing more in the long run.  

*Note: Real-Time Mode, part of the REAL-TIME Planrequires constant energy flow from the battery to connect to the Cloud server. We recommend using rechargeable batteries from a proven brand for the best experience and cheapest running costs, like Energizer. Simply charge batteries at the end of each day as part of your daily routine.  

Yes. Although the 3D SCOPE II LC People Counter remains the ultimate solution for real-time monitoring, it is also available with PEARL. Indeed, PEARL can be an optimal choice during COVID-19.

  • Installation is quick and straightforward. PEARL can automatically keep track of occupant density for locations that need to comply with occupancy limits, and where customers and visitors should wait to enter one by one.  
  • PEARL is also much more accurate, reliable, and efficient than manual people counting—having employees keep track of live occupancy increases the risk for errors significantly and is costlier.  
  • Combining PEARL with a set of rechargeable AA batteries you load up at the end of each day results in a cost-efficient real-time occupancy monitoring device. 
  • During Real-Time Mode, PEARL will connect to the WiFi signal every time there is a count in either direction (PEARL’s light will be on). It takes between 3 to 6 seconds for the process to be completed, but may vary depending on your WiFi network. 

PEARL will not register multiple counts if someone stands still between the sensors. If someone or something blocks the beams for more than 60 seconds, PEARL will send you a heads-up message by email.

PEARL has a built-in memory and can store up to 24 days of data. It will continue to count, even if the WiFi network is down.  

If the battery runs out, the internal memory will keep track of all the people counts that weren’t sent to the server. PEARL will transfer the data to the server as soon as good batteries are installed. 

To count accurately, the PEARL People Counter requires an unobstructed view between the sensors. Varying tint, thickness, or reflective properties of glass can affect PEARL’s beam signal. Our 3D SCOPE II LC People Counter would be a better solution in this context.

There’s no need: PEARL is so easy to install, anyone can do it. The simple installation steps are included in the app’s installation guide.

There’s also a video to help you out.

We recommend installing PEARL at the height of 54 inches. This height should be measured from the bottom of the sensor to the ground. Make sure the sensors are installed higher than any door handle.
No. Once placed in its brackets, PEARL is solidly locked in. The double-stick tape used to affix the brackets is very strong. There’s also a screw at the bottom to make the sensors even harder to remove. The brackets themselves can be screwed in instead of the stick-on-install option, using three screws placed through the dedicated beveled screw holes.
PEARL is currently designed to count adults only. Installed at 54-inches high, it counts adults and filters out children. Installing not at this height will significantly affect accuracy.
Storetraffic engineers in Canada developed PEARL. It’s also manufactured in Canada.

LITE Plan – Free App

The standard report will show you the number of entries, broken down daily or hourly. You can see the number of exits, with an hourly breakdown, in the report’s detailed version.
Yes, the free app supports multiple locations and multiple sensors per location as well.
  • The LITE Plan allows you to configure your PEARL People Counter easily and connect it to your WiFi. Our team adds 3D SCOPE II LC during calibration.
  • The free app lets you see your foot traffic per location and per sensor, graphically and numerically.
  • Foot traffic data can be broken down per hour, per day, or for the last four weeks.
  • The LITE Plan also displays your number of entries and exits. 

No. The app works only for one user. However, the user can log in with two different iOS or Android devices. We recommend upgrading to one of the other available plans for multi-user access—STANDARD, RETAIL, or REAL-TIME Plans, which have unlimited users.

This option is available with a T.M.A.S. subscription, on a STANDARD Plan or higher.
Yes, the app works seamlessly with the T.M.A.S. platform, available with STANDARD, RETAIL, and REAL-TIME Plans. Everything, including our iOS/Android app, is powered by our T.M.A.S. platform.
Yes, when you upgrade to another Plan, all your historical data will be available through the T.M.A.S. platform.


Refer to our Pricing Page, features for each Plan are displayed (and explained) in all their glory!

Sure, you can choose any People Counting Plan that suits you. The RETAIL Plan adds industry-specific tools designed to improve a store’s sales performance and leverage employees’ efforts. Sharing metrics with employees, through personalized access, is proven to build a more robust sales culture. By understanding the impact of customer experience on conversion rates, associates strive for better results. Ask for a demo so we can tell you more!

Storetraffic serves a host of industries with people counting needs—libraries, casinos, corporate real-estate, worship places, etc. Typically, the STANDARD Plan works best for most. However, with the COVID-19 outbreak, the REAL-TIME Plan is the go-to option for many. Foot traffic information is delivered live, with a count-by-count breakdown. This information can be shared on a heads-up display—digital screen, smart tv, tablet—to automatically regulate customer flow using clear indications (e.g., Please wait, Come in). Good-to-know: our experts can walk you through the options and features. Just ask for a demo.

Yes, all our Plans support multiple locations and multiple sensors per location. You can even have them in separate groups.

E.g., in different regions or districts, which is very convenient for district or regional managers.

Yes, every Storetraffic People Counting Plan allows for a door-by-door breakdown of counts or a full account for multiple locations. Our system provides a whole range of options from count-by-count totals to hourly tallies and monthly foot traffic numbers. In other words, you can customize your data reporting to fit your needs.

STANDARD Plan: Foot Traffic Numbers (your people count) and Weather Data and Foot Traffic per Square Feet. You can also get Passer-By Traffic and Capture Rate, using the appropriate people counter.

RETAIL Plan: includes the STANDARD Plan metrics. It comes with the option to connect sales, the number of transactions, the number of items sold, and staff data. The RETAIL Plan will also automatically calculate your Conversion Rate (%Sold), Average Sale, Units per Transaction (U.P.T.), Performance on Traffic, Customer per Staff Hour, Sales per Staff Hour, Transactions per Staff Hour, and Sales per Square Feet.

REAL-TIME Plan: includes the STANDARD and RETAIL Plans’ metrics. Provides the added value of Live Visitor Occupancy Monitoring and Occupancy Numbers Reporting. The foot traffic data is tagged with the exact time of entry and exit.

Our system allows for imports of flat files with either summarized sales, the number of transactions, the number of items sold, and staff information or transaction logs. Put simply: our system is compatible with most other systems you may be using. We also offer direct and easy integrations with Lightspeed, Shopify, Square, and more. Click here for details.

Indeed, you can. Access levels range from the ability to view reports, right up to full administrator status. You may also limit access to a specific location/store, or a group of locations. In other words: you can configure access levels according to your particular business needs.
Yes, you can. You have the option to determine the start and end date of your fiscal year, and then run reports based on fiscal weeks or periods.

We continually monitor our servers’ security to ensure your data is safe and meets leading security standards. Our platform is hosted in a SOC 2 Type II certified datacenter in Eastern Canada, with strict physical and virtual access control.

Extracting your data is a simple procedure. Depending on your needs, here are the options:

  • Our Web API allows a variety of summarized and non summarized extracts. If you wish to send data to another system, you can export it in the required format. See details here.
  • Exports can be sent by email or FTP/FTPS. This article explains how.
  • Excel or other reports: you can schedule Excel reports or run them from the T.M.A.S. platform. Information is already organized in different columns. Built-in filters allow you to review and analyze your data quickly. Here are two examples:
  • Excel report to slice and dice counts per location and doors.
  • Excel report with all Retail KPIs.
Starting with our STANDARD Plan, there is no restriction on the number of users—as long as the users are employees or consultants for the Plan client. Storetraffic reserves the right to investigate and limit abusive usage.
There are no limits on the number of calls. But, there are protections in place if many API calls are made in a short period. We’ll work with you to optimize your API calls should you face issues.

Yes, all the data collected remains available as long as your subscription is active. Foot traffic flows in patterns; the ability to correlate traffic patterns over many years is crucial.

It is. Devices such as Xovis, Brickstream, Optex, and Irisys are supported. Contact us for details.

Only for substantial deployments (500 people counters or more) and specific conditions. Contact us for details.

Updates are every 5 seconds for both the iOS/Android app and the Live Occupancy screen of the REAL-TIME Plan. In other words: live occupancy numbers are, well, genuinely LIVE!


The 3D SCOPE II LC package includes the HDR camera, a set of covers for recessed or surface mounting, a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) injector with a short patch cord to plug it into your switch or LAN, and a professional-grade remote calibration. Once your 3D SCOPE II LC is installed and connected to the Internet, schedule a time with our expert technicians to complete your new people counter’s remote calibration and setup.

The 3D SCOPE II LC can do this, yes. We can configure different count lines to capture specific areas from the coverage zone or foot traffic directions. These software features are available in STANDARD, RETAIL, and REAL-TIME Plans.

Though 3D SCOPE II LC needs to “look” downwards, it can be installed on an L bracket above a door. It can even be tilted, and the camera will detect it and adjust to count accurately (calibration required after installation). This tilting feature allows for capturing accurate passer-by information in some cases.

The same network cable (standard cat5 cable) will also power the camera. That’s why we include the Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Injector. In short: you’ll only need one cable for everything to work.

3D SCOPE II LC has 8GB of memory for recording. However, this is for audit purposes only. Audit videos can be scheduled in the system.

Streaming video continuously to a PC can be activated. This feature comes in handy to keep an eye on what’s happening in the 3D SCOPE II LC’s field of view while you’re in the store’s back-office or storage area, for instance.

You can. Up to ten 3D SCOPE II LC cameras can be connected to work as one in extra wide zones or entrances.

3D SCOPE II LC is preconfigured to send data through the Internet using an encrypted connection using HTTPS (port 443). The 3D SCOPE II LC camera only sends traffic counts and status information. This ensures you don’t worry about network bandwidth usage.

It connects using a network cable. The 3D SCOPE II LC comes DHCP-enabled. As soon as it’s powered on, the camera will report to our server. You can then book your calibration with us. Write down the M.A.C. address (indicated on the 3D SCOPE II LC and the packaging). We’ll use it to identify your device when connecting to the software. If you wish to receive the 3D SCOPE II LC with a specific I.P. address, please contact us.

Although it has a WiFi option—it’s sold separately, please contact us for more info—the 3D SCOPE II LC still requires a cable for power. Since the network cable provides the power, it’s usually easier to connect the camera to a wired network, instead of using the WiFi option. Unlike the PEARL People Counter, the 3D SCOPE II LC People Counter is typically installed on the ceiling. Should you connect it to WiFi, adjusting settings on 3D SCOPE II LC would be more complicated if you change your WiFi credentials, as it’s mounted higher than the PEARL People Counter.

We don’t recommend this. It is possible to stream video from the 3D SCOPE II LC camera. However, it was not designed to act as a security camera with specific security features.

We carry an outdoor-specific version of the 3D SCOPE II LC camera. Please contact us for information.


Purchases via our website, regardless of the plan, comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 100% of the charges are refunded.

 Refund is processed on receipt of the unit at Storetraffic’s office. The 30-day money-back guarantee does not apply to orders of 10 units or more. If you require a large number of people counters, we recommend testing out one (or a few) units of the desired system before placing a large order. Good to know: if you’re not sure which people counter you should pick, remember to contact us or book a demo. Our team will help you determine the optimal option for your needs!

We strive to be fast! We include free Fedex – 2 days Priority Shipping. Typically, you will receive your package within 3 to 4 business days from the date you placed your order. 

Indeed we do! All customers who purchase a Standard, Retail, or Real-time plan will receive a personal introductory training session. Still haven’t booked your session? Click here.

How quickly will I get my order? We strive to be fast! We include free Fedex – 2 days Priority Shipping. Typically, you will receive your package within 3 to 4 business days from the date you placed your order. 

Included in Storetraffic’s 30-day money-back guarantee is the option to downgrade your plan or people counter at any time within the first 30 days. The first-month fee will be adjusted accordingly.

After the first 30 days, you can downgrade your software plan at the end of the term, or at any time if you’re on a monthly non-commital plan.

Included in Storetraffic’s 30-day money-back guarantee is the option to upgrade your plan or people counter at any time within the first 30 days. The first-month fee will be adjusted accordingly.

We also provide you a 3-month period to firm up your choice. During those first 90 days, you may upgrade:

  • from PEARL to 3D SCOPE II LC 
  • to a longer prepaid plan
  • to a higher-performing software

In any case, you’ll still get all applicable discounts!

Example: Two (2) months ago, you purchased our Standard plan for 1 year with the PEARL counter. You now want to upgrade to a 3D SCOPE II LC  with the Live plan for 3 years. Not a problem. You’ll only need to pay for the price difference between the two options.

After the first 3 months, you can also upgrade from PEARL to 3D SCOPE II LC  at any time. You’ll pay the price listed for the 3D SCOPE II LC as per your current software plan, for as long as your plan is active. You may also upgrade your software package by paying the difference for your term’s remaining.

Example: 9 months ago, you purchased a one-year Standard plan with the PEARL device. You now want to upgrade to a 3D SCOPE II LC, as long as the plan is active, you’ll simply need to pay the cost of the 3D SCOPE II LC counter to upgrade ($895).

You can add devices at any time, but the software package needs to be the same. However, the terms and the type of equipment can be different and will work together seamlessly. Good to know: if there are issues with your selection, our customer service department will contact you directly.

Unless you change or cancel in advance— you can do so easily from our online portal—you’ll be automatically renewed for the same plan at the current price of said plan. If you continue to use the same people counter device during a new term, you’ll only be paying for your software plan.

This plan provides flexibility for those who need it. You can stop or pause the service up to 6 months a year, at any time. Note that data will not be collected for the period when the plan is on pause.

Discounts are available. They start at 5+ units. Contact us or book a personal demo. We can look at the best option for your needs together.

We provide a 10% discount for non-profit organizations. Contact us for a discount request.

Contact us. We can provide you with a digital quote, without tax.

We don’t provide financing options. However, we offer NET30 payment terms when more than 5 units are purchased, or when required for public & community organizations.

Recurring fees are by credit card unless the amount is over $200/month or $2,400 annually—a credit check is then required. Contact us so we can discuss your options!

The PEARL People Counter is super simple to install. The free Storetraffic mobile app guides you through the easy process step by step. Each PEARL sensor comes premounted with high-strength sticky tape. Follow the steps, peel off, and stick!

The 3D SCOPE II LC requires just one ethernet cable (cat5 wire). This camera-based counter comes with its own PoE power injector at no extra cost, which provides power and Internet connection over the same cable. Follow the steps listed here for the installation. If you need additional help, Storetraffic’s support team is there for you.

Requesting the services of your trusted local installer will usually be the most straightforward and lowest cost option to complete the mounting of a 3D SCOPE II LC counter. Once installed, contact the Storetraffic support team. They’ll ensure the appropriate calibration of the people counter remotely. For large deployment and special projects, we can provide a turn-key experience with the help of our trusted Storetraffic partners OR we can also train your installers free of charge, ensuring optimal installation at the lowest cost.

The word Support refers to the type of service our team will provide you with, i.e., technical and how-to. It’s free and available by chat and email. We typically respond to chat messages in less than 1 minute, and to emails within 24 hours maximum.

For issues too complex to resolve by chat or email, our agents will invite you to book a phone call using SMS Storetraffic’s electronic calendar tool. Troubleshooting can then be done one-on-one with a Storetraffic expert. Using this type of communication standard, we ensure that none of our customers ever have to hold the line to speak to an agent!

 Yes, if you feel our previous plan is a better match for your needs, you are free to keep it. It will apply to all your devices and locations, and so you cannot mix and match with the new plans. In your case, you can buy devices online under the Lite option, and add a subscription to your plan after your purchased. If you have any question, contact, we’ll be happy to help.

PEARL is a smart break-beam type of people counter. It captures any person walking in or out, as long as the sensors for the beams are not obstructed (e.g. a door opening inwards and blocking the view for the PEARL counter).
PEARL will also count every entry or exit as long as only one person walks through the beam at the same moment—the case for most entrances—and as long as the person is at least 54 inches tall (i.e., an adult). With the above-mentioned factors, PEARL’s accuracy can be upwards of 99%; it simply works! 
 The 3D SCOPE II LC camera-based people counter comes with a 2-year Product Warranty, which includes a 2-year Accuracy Guarantee. 3D SCOPE II LC ‘s accuracy can reach 99%+. Its typical accuracy score is 98%, while the minimum acceptable is 95%. If you have any doubts about the device’s accuracy, our support team will perform several tests and record an audit or recalibrate the counter remotely. Audit results, with video, are sent to you to confirm the device is working correctly. Following the 2-year warranty, continued Accuracy Guarantee is included as part of the Premium Plan or Real-time Plan for 3D SCOPE II LC 
Please note that the Accuracy Guarantee does not apply if the camera has moved, is not placed correctly, or if the architecture/design of the entrance changes due to renovations. 

We put a lot of work into our solutions so that you won’t even need the support required by other systems on the market.

Indeed, 98% of our system’s actions and operations can be accomplished simply through the user interface, including the configuration of integrations and imports/exports of data. Should you still require helpful input, our support agents are always one chat or email message away. Our Knowlegde Base is regularly updated as well.

Only the following support situations will be invoiced:

  • Custom software development or integration.
  • If you demand that Storetraffic support staff completes steps/tasks in the software interface on your behalf.
  • Audits and calibration of the 3D SCOPE II LC camera counter: after the 2-year Accuracy Guarantee, if you are not on the Retail Plan or Real-time Plan, or if you want additional audits to be performed, regardless of a previous audit confirming the system works properly. Good to know: camera-based counter calibrations don’t require frequent audits. When calibrated correctly, they just work!
  • Additional personalized training, i.e., beyond the introductory training sessions.