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The PEARL comes and works as a pair. Install one on each side of your door. They create beams and once the beams are broken counts are created!

Not at all! It works with normal AA batteries and no wire at all!

It connects to standard Wi-Fi network such as WPA, WPA2 and WEP. Basically, the same network your connect with your PC!

Our sensors is able to differentiate IN and OUT, through an ingenious method of signal analysis.

To ensure your counts are not doubled, we just show the IN count in the standard reports, and you can see the OUTs by going and seeing the detailed report.

Yes the free app, supports multiple locations and sensors per location!

In theory yes, but it depends on the rules and settings of the public Wi-Fi, your own Wi-Fi network is preferred.

1- It allows you to configure your detector and connect it to your Wi-Fi very easily

2- It allows you to see your traffic per location and per sensor,  graphically and numerically.

3- You can see your traffic per hour for the day or per day for each day of the week, for the last 4 weeks.

4- It allows you to see your IN and OUT breakdown

No it supports only one user and the user can be logged on 2 different iOS or Android devices. For multi-users, we recommend you subscribe to T.M.A.S.

The PEARL sensor is designed and produced by SMS Storetraffic in Canada.

No it can only track one person passing at a time. In typical small entrances this is not a problem.

No, the sensor works with wide entrances or entrances with doors opening out. The each sensors needs to “see” themselves at all time.

No, it will not create multiple counts, and if something for more than a certain period of time, an alert will be sent by email.

It will vary depending on many factors. Battery expectancy is between 9 to 12 months with hourly communication, not max distance, not max exposure to sunlight, rarely blocked and good/fair wi-fi signal, about 72 hours location opening time. When running on Energizer batteries. 

No, we made PEARL so easy to install that anyone can do it! Just follow the steps in the app and you can also watch the video on how to do it here: https://help.storetraffic.com/pearl/start-counting-with-pearl

Yes, but a subscription to T.M.A.S is required.

Yes, you will receive an email alert a few weeks before it

Yes but if the sensor is directly exposed to very bright sunlight, its maximum entrance coverage will be reduced to 7 eeft, more than enough to cover, without any problem, standard double doors, even when the sun shines on the sensor!

The sensor can hold up to 24 days of data, so no problem there. It will continue to work even when Wi-Fi is down.

The PEARL counter requires an unobstructed view in-between the sensors in order to count accurately. Glass can have different tint, thickness or reflective properties therefore making NOT the recommended counting technology.  Ask us about our 3DScope counter.

We recommend between 48 to 53 inches, measured from the bottom of the sensor to the ground. Ensure the sensor is installed higher than any door handle.

Yes, the module is very solid when installed in its bracket and there is a screw at the bottom to make it even harder to remove. Brackets can also be screwed-in using 3 screws each, but the provided double sticky tape it extremely sticky, almost as much as cement!