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You have questions? We have answers!

The PEARL People Counter works as a pair of two sensors that create a beam. The two sensors come standard with every PEARL system at 495 USD. Install a sensor on each side of the doorway; when someone passes through the beam, PEARL adds this person to your traffic data.

No wire needed! PEARL is WiFi-enabled and works with normal AA batteries.

It connects to standard 2.4 ghz Wi-Fi networks such as WPA, WPA2 and WEP. Basically, the same network you connect your PC to.

It can do both. PEARL’s sensors can tell the difference between someone coming in and going out. We told you it was smart! 

PEARL provides you with accurate data. The standard report will show you the number of entries. You can see the number of exits in the detailed version of the report.

Yes, the free app supports multiple locations, and multiple sensors per location as well!

In theory, yes. It depends on the rules and settings of the public WiFi service. Connecting to your own WiFi network is preferable.

1- It allows you to easily configure your PEARL People Counter and to connect it to your WiFi.

2- The app lets you see your traffic per location and per sensor,  graphically and numerically.

3- Traffic data can be broken down per hour, per day, or for the last four weeks. 

4- It also shows you the number of entries and exits. 

No. The app works only for one user. However, the user can be logged in to two different iOS or Android devices. For multi-user access, we recommend upgrading to T.M.A.S.


PEARL was developed by Storetraffic engineers in Canada. It’s also built there. 

PEARL detects one person at a time, so it works perfectly in most entrances.

PEARL works with doors opening outwards, or with larger size entrances with inward opening doors that don’t block the sensors. If a door opening blocks the beam between the sensors, PEARL won’t be able to do its people counting thing!

PEARL will not create multiple counts if someone stands still between the sensors. If someone or something does block the beam for too long, PEARL will send you a heads-up message by email.

Battery life expectancy is 6 to 12 months, based on: 

-Communications with the server every hour

-Medium distance between sensors

-Average sunlight exposition

-Good WiFi signal

-No regular blocking of the beam signal

-Average of 72 hours per week

-Use of Energizer batteries

There’s no need to! PEARL is so easy to install, anyone can do it. The simple installation steps are included in the app’s installation guide.

There’s even a video to help you out:

This option is available with a T.M.A.S subscription.

Yes, you will receive an email alert a few weeks before.

Yes. But if the system is directly exposed to bright sunlight, its maximum entrance coverage will be reduced to 7 feet. This is more than enough to cover standard double doors.

PEARL can store up to 24 days of data without any problem. It continues to count, even if the WiFi signal is down. 

To count accurately, the PEARL People Counter requires an unobstructed view between the sensors. Varying tint, thickness or reflective properties of glass can affect PEARL’s beam signal. Our 3D SCOPE II People Counter would be a good solution if this were the case. 

We recommend installing PEARL at 54 inches. This distance should be measured from the bottom of the sensor to the ground. Make sure the sensor is installed higher than any door handle.

No. Once in its brackets, PEARL is solidly in place. The double-stick tape used to stick the brackets is extremely strong. There’s also a screw at the bottom to make the sensors even harder to remove. The brackets themselves can also be screwed in instead of the stick-to-install option, using three screws placed through the dedicated screw holes.