Door Counter Device | PEARL


Just stick our wireless door counters on each side of your entrance and let the journey to success begin!
It connects to your wifi, sends data to our secure cloud and is accessible via our free app or T.M.A.S!
One set at $469 covers 1 entrance up to 16.5 feet wide


See the PEARL wireless door counter in action.

The leading traffic sensor for accurate footfall analytics

Shopper tracking technology

PPEARL’s double-sensor system ensures consistent counting of entries and exits. Blocked view or low- battery situations? PEARL lets you know with a friendly email.

Smart access

Enter your business hours in the app, and PEARL will turn on and off accordingly, increasing battery life.

Secure and measurable

PEARL packs our latest firmware (updates are free) to provide accurate and safe data reports. The smart sensor filters carts and children entries, while the encrypted communication protocol ensures optimal data protection.

Budget friendly

Low cost to buy, free app, self install, and it uses normal AA alkaline batteries, which cost much less than lithium batteries and are much easier to find!

Up-to-date foot traffic

PEARL connects with our secure cloud space every hour to deliver the latest customer count data.

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YGet more with T.M.A.S.Enjoy real-time feedback and take your business to the next level with connected metrics analysis and the option of shorter interval updates.

Pearl WiFi door sensor

Just like pearls are known for their calming ability, we created a smart, right-size traffic sensor to offer greater peace of mind to any size retailers. PEARL brings the fight to premium traffic systems for a fraction of the price, enabling a wider range of retailers to leverage traffic-based strategies. The PEARL Store Traffic Sensor is designed and manufactured in North America, by friendly Canadian folks. Crafted with the latest technology and built to last, PEARL was carefully fine-tuned, just like any little traffic gem should!

Dimensions and weight44.79mm X 133.47mm X 28.05mm / 1.763in. X 5.254in. X 1.104in. 1 Pound
Color Black (P/N: PEARL-BLK) • Gray (P/N: PEARL-GREY)
Contains 1 Set of Sensors (one Main and One Secondary Sensor) • 4x 1.5V Alkaline Batteries in each sensor (8 total). • Button Press Tool • Instruction Cards
Certifications• FCC • IC • CE • ROHS • WEEE

Advanced people counting solution

We packed more than 40 years of love into this one, leveraging our experience and industry knowledge as pioneers in traffic sensing solutions. All hail the only smart, low-cost traffic door sensor on the market!


PEARL keeps things sleek and simple. No additional data collector needed or wire connections through ceilings or walls.

Long range sensitivity

PEARL’s beam sensors cover wider entrances than ceiling-mounted devices—for a fraction of the price—while still handling rush-hour amounts of traffic.

Easy install

Installing PEARL to any surface is a breeze. Fix the sensor brackets with the crazy strong 3M double stick tape or use the three preset screw holes. Booya!

Always connected

Wi-Fi enabled, PEARL sends data directly to our secure cloud space. Thanks to the only free, mobile app on the market, you can keep track of your visitor stream from anywhere, at any time.

How to get started with your PEARL wireless people counter?


The app will be your reporting dude and installation buddy!

plug & play

Follow the steps in the app to configure and install your Pearl sensor.


You now have your store traffic on your phone! Go chillax somewhere, you are now free to roam the world!


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