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Monitor occupant density
COVID 19 Safety

Ensure optimal crowd management and social distancing measures in your establishment, thanks to the real-time feedback provided by advanced people counting technologies.


Social distancing in Retail Stores
and Public Places
COVID-19 crisis

The order is clear: we must keep occupancy levels to a minimum in public venues, whether in supermarkets, stores, pharmacies, banks, hospitals, civic buildings, or others. These Social Distancing and Hygiene measures—a.k.a. Physical distancing—are expected to continue, even when locations providing “non-essential services” start reopening, to prevent a second wave of COVID-19 transmission.

As everyone is joining forces to halt the propagation of the Coronavirus, technology solutions are also helping businesses and organizations to provide ongoing services to the public.

Storetraffic wants to help
you control the flow of people with

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Storetraffic’s development team leveraged our people counting technologies and worked at creating specific new features to support the successful implementation of social distancing measures (6 feet or 2 meters).
Our PEARL and 3D SCOPE II sensors, as well as our free, proprietary people counting APP, now support LIVE communication.

As a result, workers charged with the demanding responsibility of controlling foot traffic flow can now rely on a reliable solution to gather live occupancy data. People in charge of ensuring official measures are being respected—e.g., managers—can also leverage these Storetraffic solutions.*PEARL Live Communication available by April

People Counting Technologies



Plug-and-play door-mounted counter installs in minutes. Battery-operated and WiFi-connected, it provides an exact count for single adult entries. Live Mode drains batteries more quickly, but is a convenient solution for outstanding circumstances—consider changing the four regular or rechargeable AA batteries every two to four days.



Ceiling-mounted camera counter with leading accuracy. Captures adults entering and exiting, even in side-by-side/group situations. Works with power and internet cabling. Up to 99%+ accurate. A permanent, zero-maintenance solution.

1,079 USD

Live Occupancy App

All-in-one dashboard connects with PEARL or 3D SCOPE II people counters. Processes data from multiple counters and offers multi-user access. Offers simple Excel compliance reporting and an occupancy feature with live traffic count.

35 USD/Device/Month


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Footfall numbers to adapt to
COVID-19 repercussions

To ensure everyone’s protection, social distancing and hygiene measures will likely be enforced for months following the initial COVID-19 pandemic. Customers and citizens will be turning to businesses and public destinations that are the most proactive and rigorous in terms of safety measures.

Whether you’re there or elsewhere, know the number of people within your establishment by connecting your PEARL or 3D SCOPE II people counter with the T.M.A.S. software. Employee or security personnel responsible for traffic flow will validate live building occupancy directly on a smartphone or tablet.

Safeguard your business or organization’s mission by providing the public with a safe environment to browse and shop.

Knowing your footfall numbers in real time helps you manage foot traffic density, creating a painless and harmonious environment for shoppers or visitors. It can also help prevent potential problems if people are excited or under stress.

Regulate the flow of people entering your building by capturing foot traffic data for one or multiple entrances simultaneously. Monitor the numbers in the moment for optimal decision-making.

Crowd Management Made Easy

Get proactive with your crowd management initiatives thanks to an optimal combination of

people counting technology and real-time footfall software.

People counter systems

are helping property managers ensure customer and visitor safety by providing real-time data on occupancy levels.

The latest footfall systems

can be set up swiftly and efficiently. Storetraffic provides ongoing support before, during, and after the installation process.

Cloud-based software

lets users receive occupant density reports directly to their smartphone or computer, with the option to set up a threshold alert.


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Safety in numbers

From major retail operations to culture and knowledge institutions, Storetraffic has been implementing customer traffic sensing solutions for nearly 50 years.

We provide organizations big and small with right-sized people counting hardware and unique proprietary software. Together, our user- and budget-friendly solutions enable our clients to reap the benefits of connected metrics analysis, ensuring their business or institution performs at an optimal level and adapts smartly to evolving conditions.