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Real-Time Occupancy Monitoring
COVID-19 Safety Measures

Ensure compliance with capacity limits and social distancing measures, thanks to the real-time occupancy numbers delivered by Storetraffic’s live people counting technologies.

Address Covid-19 challenges with
live occupancy numbers

Social distancing, sanitization measures, and live occupancy limits are in full force. Customers and citizens are turning to businesses and public destinations that are the most proactive, rigorous, and transparent regarding safety measures.

On- or off-site, know the exact number of people inside your establishment by quickly linking a 3D SCOPE II LC people counter to your T.M.A.S. software subscription. Employees or security personnel can validate your facility’s occupant density on a smartphone or tablet. Plus: you can leverage our secure Web API to feed live occupancy to devices (e.g., heads-up displays), your website & social media, or other software systems.

Foster optimal decision-making by monitoring foot traffic data for one or multiple entrances. Share real-time occupancy capacity on a heads-up display—digital screen, smart tv, tablet—along with automated In and Stop indications that instill confidence and regulate traffic flow efficiently.

By facilitating visitor flow and occupant density management, real-time footfall numbers support a painless and harmonious shopper & visitor experience. Plus, they help to avoid having people who are under stress.

Live occupant monitoring doesn’t just prevent COVID-19 transmission. It also safeguards a business or organization’s mission, ensuring it continues to provide the public with a safe environment to browse, shop, and receive valued services.

People counting technologies for live building occupancy


Plug-and-play door-mounted counter installs in minutes. Battery-operated and WiFi-connected, it provides an exact count for single adult entries. Combined with a human validation using our App, the PEARL is a great tool to help control occupancy level.

USD 499.95


Ceiling-mounted camera counter with leading accuracy. Captures adults entering and exiting, even in side-by-side/group situations. Works with power and internet cabling. Up to 99%+ accurate. The best occupancy control solution, as it requires minimum human intervention.

USD 1,149.95


All-in-one dashboard connects with PEARL or 3D SCOPE II LC people counters. Processes data from multiple counters and offers multi-user access. Offers simple Excel compliance reporting and an occupancy feature with live traffic count.

USD/Device/Month 37
CAD/Device/Month 47.5

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Safety in live occupancy numbers

From major retail operations to culture and knowledge institutions, Storetraffic has been implementing foot traffic sensing solutions for nearly 50 years.

We provide organizations big and small with right-sized people counting hardware and unique proprietary software. Together, our user- and budget-friendly solutions enable our clients to reap the benefits of connected metrics analysis, ensuring their business or institution performs at an optimal level and adapts smartly to evolving conditions.