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How to Greet Walk-In Customers And Boost Sales

Brick and mortar retail has gone under monumental changes

in the last number of years. The industry has been turned upside down with the advent of online stores vying for their customers’ attention and dollars so the offline retail niche has had to fight back. Offline retail has a huge advantage over online in that they provide face-to-face interactions with customers and many people still really value that. What can be immensely damaging however is a poor customer service experience in a brick and mortar store because firstly it’s likely the customer will go online to get whatever goods they were seeking and also, with so much access to reviews and the power of social media, a customer can talk about the poor experience online to a wide audience. This can obviously be hugely damaging to the offline store. That is why customer service and a high quality version of that is required for brick and mortar retailers in today’s world. Customers expect this and won’t be silent if they don’t receive it. From the moment they walk in the door of the store, it’s almost like a stage performance and the retail assistant needs to give it their all, each and every time or they’ll simply lose the sale. We’ve put together a video which we hope will help to encourage excellence even in greeting the customer because that’s where the interaction begins. Check it out below.

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