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Library, Customer & Patron Counters

Knowledge of how many people visit a library is a powerful tool. With our accurate patron counters you can run a library more efficiently and get the evidence you need to prove that a library is underfunded and understaffed.


Benefits of Customer/Patron Counters in a Library

  • Know the number of patrons who visit your facility
  • Professional, Cost Effective System
  • From low-cost Wireless Beams to Camera Systems
  • Detailed reports through T.M.A.S. web portal
  • Schedule your reports for automatic reception in your email inbox
  • Reliable & Accurate patron figures


We help library operators with the capture and analysis of automated customer patron traffic data through accurate and reliable people counting solutions. At SMS we understand how difficult it is to run a library today. You rely on limited funding and you need to do a lot with what you get.

The community you serve expects a good service and an enjoyable visit. Knowing the exact number of people using your facilities is important as this can help you reduce your operating costs through better staffing.

You can increase customer experience by providing the correct level of service at the right moment and, most importantly, if you can prove that you serve a large number of patrons, then it will be easier to get more funding. At SMS we help library operators just like you. We provide professional cost effective systems, from wireless beams to camera systems that can be used in conjunction with our software to get detailed customer counter reports. This allows you to better manage your library and provide reliable and accurate traffic figures. Want to learn more? Contact us and we will help.

Learn how we address the challenges faced by libraries such as limited funding, cost management and staffing level management with our people counting solutions. Our library patron counters allow you to get automated counts and when used in conjunction with our T.M.A.S. software platform you can get detailed reports down to a 15-minute time interval.

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