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Foot traffic leaders

Smart, Efficient, and Anonymous People Counting Solutions

Capture your visitor traffic and draw insights from your data with Storetraffic’s right-sized footfall counters, app and cloud-based analytics platform.

Trusted by big and small companies

People Counter Software

From optimal staff planning to effective marketing tactics and superior conversion rate, our right-size traffic sensors—along with the only free mobile app on the market—are your personal business consultants. Want to raise the retail bar even higher? Consider upgrading to the full-suite T.M.A.S. software.

Off-site doing business or enjoying some well-deserved downtime? Oversee your store’s performance through the app or T.M.A.S. software.

Access to accurate traffic data means no more second-guessing the number of customers in your store. Time to count your blessings!

Increase your conversion rate and decrease your overhead costs by allocating staff and scheduling opening hours according to peak periods.

Door Counter Device

PEARL | wireless door counters

This little traffic gem packs a powerful punch. Our next-gen, wireless door-mounted people counter installs in minutes and fits seamlessly in retail spaces. WiFi enabled, it connects directly with our free mobile app to deliver actionable traffic insights you can count on.

Follow the in-app guided setup and choose between the screw or stick-to-install options. Easy peasy.

Content with standard AA batteries, PEARL manages entrances up to 16.5 ft. It also sends friendly email heads-ups when needed.

The only smart, low-cost people door counter on the market, PEARL requires no installation fees and comes with an exclusive and free mobile app.

3D SCOPE II LC | people counting camera

Our premium 3D SCOPE II LC sensor connects with our advanced T.M.A.S. software to let you enjoy a host of smart features. This camera-based system offers the largest field of view on the market, handling high-traffic flow just as seamlessly as it reports on directions taken by customers once they’ve entered your store.

Looking for a sensor that filters u-turns, splits side-by-side adult entries and provides the average number of children visits? 3D SCOPE II LC has you covered.

Sleek and unobtrusive, the stereoscopic camera system mounts to the ceiling, near entrances.

From mega traffic flow to low-light environments, 3D SCOPE II is 99% accurate, even in the most challenging conditions.

Business minded

From everyday opportunities to long-term strategies, we know how invested you are in your business. At Storetraffic, we understand retail challenges and make sure your efforts count—and we mean that literally! Optimize your strategies and increase your sales conversion with the right Storetraffic sensor for your business.

Measure the impact of increased sales conversion

See how incremental increases of your conversion rate can translate into significantly higher margins.​


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