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How Furniture MART USA Counts On Storetraffic’s People Counting System

How Furniture MART USA smartly incorporates retail traffic data to make empowered business decisions. See why they count on Storetraffic's people counting solutions.

Furniture MART logoWhen founder William A. Hinks planted the seeds of Furniture Mart USA in 1976, his vision was to provide customers with a high-value one-stop location that covered the whole gamut of customers’ home and design needs. Fast-forward to today, and the vision remains the same, albeit with a resounding twist: Furniture Mart USA has grown from a single store location in South Dakota to one of the top 40 furniture retailers in the country!

This level of success is no product of chance. As the retail business evolved, so too did Furniture Mart USA. Throughout the years, the company not only ensured it stayed on top of home and design trends; it also smartly incorporated newfound sources of retail data to make empowered business decisions.

The information that makes retail magic happen

With 40 locations connected across a five-state region, one can readily imagine the level of consideration and complexity associated with implementing optimal sales and marketing initiatives.

“Every year, we make multimillion-dollar decisions within our sales and marketing departments,” points out Erald Gjoni, Chief Technology Officer at Furniture Mart USA. “Our decision-making process is directly connected to the accuracy of the KPIs we measure—notably the number of people we drive to our stores.”

What if the numbers don’t add up?

Furniture Mart’s decision-makers have been aware for years now of the competitive advantages yielded by insightful retail traffic data—from optimizing sales forces to increasing conversion and implementing potent marketing tactics that drive customers to their brick-and-mortar locations. “Consistent and reliable count tracking is essential to ensure that our current and future strategies are efficient for the dollars we spend,” underlines Gjoni.”

People-counting devices have thus been a part of Furniture Mart’s arsenal for some time. Yet, the company has experienced troubling consistency problems with traffic sensors installed in the past.

Quotation Mark | storetrafficWe literally count on people-counting devices to provide us with reliable in-store visitors stream data.

-Erald Gjoni, Chief Technology Officer, Furniture Mart USA

No more second-guessing

If you’re going to work with data to implement business decisions, your data needs to work for you. “When it comes to people-counting technology, access to consistent, year-over-year traffic data is paramount,” says Erald Gjoni.

However, there too often remained a level of doubt. Furniture Mart USA’s decision-makers felt they couldn’t correctly leverage the data due to consistency issues experienced with people-counting systems. “That’s why we turned to Storetraffic.”

It’s in the name

Tired of second-guessing, Furniture Mart made a comparative analysis of retail traffic systems and also consulted with peers. The name Storetraffic kept coming up as a trusted leader in the industry: “There’s no substitute for experience-based customer feedback,” reminds Gjoni. “Storetraffic’s track record with fellow retailers speaks for itself.”

Beyond the numbers

Trusting KPIs and strategic business data is as important as trusting the people you work with:

By implementing Storetraffic’s industry-proven solutions, we can now confidently base our decisions on reliable data, both in terms of strategies and performance measurement.

-says Gjoni

Beyond the numbers, Furniture Mart’s Chief Technology Officer also points to his own customer experience: “From inception to deployment, Storetraffic’s people worked with us in a genuine partnership manner, ensuring the process was seamless and focused on our business requirements!”

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