Why Grupo Roble Recommends Storetraffic’s People Counting Solution

Working with SMS has been a pleasure, the process was made easy through their service and the information has proved to be very valuable. We highly recommend traffic counters and the analisis of the information provided by SMS.
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Customer Focused

At SMS, we pride ourselves on listening to customers and providing the solutions that will allow them to achieve their goals.
In today’s blog, we share one of our customer’s experiences with us, which demonstrates the consultative approach we take.

Grupe Roble

When Grupo Roble contacted SMS for their traffic counting project for their mall stores, they had already looked at other providers and were still uncertain.

During the first call, we listened to their specific desire for counting people. Being the operator of numerous malls in Central America, it was important for them to have an accurate, reliable and cost efficient method to keep track of the massive amount of customers that pass through their malls. Additional to this, they had numerous entrances to cover and some of them with specific complexities.

Assessing the Situation

Knowing this, we then took the time to go through the different people counting solutions that exist, and one by one explained why they would, or would not be appropriate for the Grupo Roble systems. We then proceeded to do a full review of pictures of all entrances, to ensure the correct solution would be installed and that limitations, if any, would be clearly explained and understood.
We communicated at length with the customer to ensure the optimum solution for their requirements was met.

Specific Requirements

On the software side, Grupo Roble was specific on what they wanted to obtain. They know their business extremely well, and had a clear vision of the type of reports they wanted to obtain, some of which were specific and complex. Instead of trying to show them what our software could do already, and it could do many things, we proposed to integrate their exact requested report in our system, ensuring they obtain the information the way they needed it to, in order to get the maximum return on their investment.

Last but not least, since Grupo Roble already had a project going on for wiring their mall, we provided exact mounting points and installation details to their cabling team which ensured a smooth process for the final installation, which we provided through a global installation partner, WJ Global.

Successful Implementation

Today, the system is operational in many of their malls and is monitored on an on-going basis by the SMS support team.

Here are a few words from our customer regarding his experience with SMS:

Working with SMS has been a pleasure, the process was made easy through their service and the information has proved to be very valuable. We highly recommend traffic counters and the analisis of the information provided by SMS.

– Fiorella Bettaglio Boet – Commerical Manager Grupo Roble – El Salvador

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