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How to manage occupancy
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The more people, the better, right? Until the first quarter of 2020, that was the mindset. Then COVID-19 happened, turning the general formula on its head.

Social Distancing and Occupancy Limits: Looks Into People Counting Solutions with Storetraffic

A paramount metric of retail analytics, foot traffic data is playing a crucial role in helping businesses and other public venues in their efforts to ensure everyone’s safety, following the initial wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.


More and more stores, businesses, and public body locations are reopening as we speak. The outcome of the COVID-19 crisis may still be unclear, but this burst of activity, after more than two months of near-total dormancy, is stimulating. It's good news for retailers, good news for consumers looking to get back some sense of normalcy, and a most welcome breath of fresh air for everyone.


Several specialty retailers sustained major blows these past few years. The growing presence of e-commerce has shaken up brick-and-mortar's very foundations. Indeed, business as usual just doesn't cut it anymore, and stocking a compelling selection of items isn't enough. The in-store experience is now the watchword. Adopting omnichannel practices is a must. Though e-commerce accounted for 14.1% of retail (US) in 2019, the ripple effect on retail stores—even on large retail brands—has challenged many business models. This was before the COVID-19 crisis, an unprecedented situation that has seen people turn to e-commerce in higher numbers.

Webinar : Retail and COVID 19 the New Normal

A Webinar about COVID-19's impact on retail detailing currently observed measures in place by essential businesses as well as the road to reopening.

Retail & COVID-19: What to expect from the “new normal”

It’s a humbling experience, this COVID-19 crisis, isn’t it? Everyone is concerned. On the one hand, our outlook on the value of life and good health has shifted. On the other, the way we work and do business is being challenged like never before—and without a clear idea of what’s to come. Retail is at the heart of this storm. What lies ahead for the Retail Industry, exactly?

10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a People Counting System in 2020

So, you’ve done your research to understand the benefits of people counting, and you’ve decided to integrate a modern foot traffic system to your establishment. Or, perhaps, you’ve leveraged people counting in the past, but your current system is now beyond its prime. In any case, there is a wide array of people counting options to choose from.

5 Design Tips To Remodel Your Store and Boost Sales

Remodeling your retail store design and layout could make all the difference in your bottom line. Whether your shop is due for a total rehaul or a small reorganization, BigRentz has created an infographic that will walk you through the hacks of visual merchandising and help you design a store layout that encourages purchases and pleases customers!

How To Open a Brick-and-Mortar Store | Step-By-Step Guide

We all know the changes and challenges encountered by the retail sector in recent years. Retail is in a state of flux with the advent of online offerings which means people can order items via the Internet from anywhere in the world without having to leave their homes if they wish. In saying that though, there will likely always be a demand for brick and mortar stores so if you’re considering opening one, it’s a totally viable operation but you just need to plan and execute it exceptionally well.

Expert Tips For Retail Store Innovation | Infographic

With the onslaught of online retail websites and platforms, the traditional retail industry has been in battle a lot in recent years. It is important to remember however that people will always need to visit some type of physical store so the idea should be to keep them coming back again and again ie give them a reason to return.

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