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9 Best Store Layout Ideas To Attract Visitors and Boost Sales

Opening a retail business brings with it many decisions, factors and variables to think about. People in charge need to think about issues like finance, staff, stock, and location among many other things. While location will be a major decision, they also need to keep in mind the layout of the location they choose. This is something that store owners often overlook when they plan their assault into retail and it can end up costing them in lost dollars.

Powerful Formula To Increase Your Retail Store Sales

We are all looking for that silver bullet that would make our life easier.This is applicable even more so to the retail industry which has seen the industry evolve substantially over the last 10 years. E-Commerce revolutionized the way people buy. Today, a retail shop is just another way of buying, while not so long ago it was the ONLY way.

10 Steps to Start a Successful Brick & Mortar Clothing Store

Opening a clothing store, or any store for that matter might be your goal or your dream and it is certainly an attainable one with the right execution.   Knowing how to do it and how to approach the situation is important as you set out your retail marketing strategy. Knowing how to open the store and actually setting it up for business is wonderful but unless you involve a degree of retail marketing and promotion, your business simply won’t prosper.

The New Retail Sales Equation To Drive Your Closing Ratio

For nearly 30 years, we have been following closing ratio in stores and its relationship to sales. The bottom line... if you are serious about increasing your store sales, the fastest, least expensive and longest lasting increases in sales will come as a result of selling to a higher percentage of your traffic. This is especially true in mall based specialty stores, but we have seen cases, such as liquor stores, where one would believe that everyone that enters the store will make a purchase make significant increases in sales by focusing on the things that drive closing ratio.

Walmart vs. Target | Who’s Winning The Discount Store Battle

Target and Walmart are synonymous with supermarket retailing in North America. Both are powerhouses and constitute the destination supermarket for many Americans. Pitched as the superstore that offers the customer the top discounts for the goods they want, their slogans even follow similar messages.

Learn About Retail Traffic Solutions at Paris MPV Booth

SMS is proud to announce that we will be exhibiting with our France partner, EIKEO (, at Paris MPV ( show in France.

5 Best Practices for Retail Business Success

Most retailers that install a traffic counting system take a “toe in the water” approach to using the data. Increasing conversion rate by 1% annual in many chains provides a very satisfactory ROI. This type of result can usually be achieved simply through awareness, better staffing during busy periods and days, and by better accountability.

How to Understand Your Retail Customers And Increase Walkins

10 THINGS CUSTOMERS WANT 1 Involvement eg Ask for feedback! 2 Speed eg Good service at the tills 3 Availability eg Make sure you have the proper number of staff to maximize your service level ...

Macy’s vs Harrods Side-by-Side Comparison

In terms of retail history and excellence, Macys and Harrods are synonymous. Both are destination retail stores when people travel to where the stores are located. Up until recent years, Harrods was a store that could only be visited in the UK capital of London, this however is changing. Macy’s is a retail name that is distinctly North American...

6 Ways To Adopt an Eco-Friendly Approach To Retail

Climate Change in the News Climate change and the environment are topics that we are consistently hearing more and more about over the last number of years. Just recently we saw various well organised parades and demonstrations in relation to climate change around the world. These all managed to grab major headlines due to the presence of some high profile celebrities like actor Leonardo Di Caprio and model Cara Delevinge.

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