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How To Increase Retail Sales Without Discounting

Lack of service due to incorrect staffing of the store to meet the number of customers is one of the main reasons of loss sales. A store who got a traffic of 3,000 visitors in a week, but sells only 15% to them, it’s just 450 transactions. This situation means that 2,550 people leaved the store without buying. If we want to enhance the sales of 5%, it’s necessary to sell to 23 of the 2,550 visitors who didn’t buy. Perhaps the mailman or delivery man comes a few times.

Macy’s vs Harrods Side-by-Side Comparison

In terms of retail history and excellence, Macys and Harrods are synonymous. Both are destination retail stores when people travel to where the stores are located. Up until recent years, Harrods was a store that could only be visited in the UK capital of London, this however is changing. Macy’s is a retail name that is distinctly North American...

Comprehensive Guide On How To Attract More Customers

Everyone that walks by your store is a potential customer and you need to view things that way or you won’t exploit the potential that it presents. The issue is about how to actually get those random passersby to actually make the choice to come into your store and take the time to peruse your offerings. First impressions really are everything and so you need to ensure that your store looks really inviting, firstly from the outside and then once the customer gets inside.

How Making Your Retail Store Eco-Friendly Improves Profitability

Very often we hear about how industry greatly affects climate and the environment on a daily basis. Sometimes we think that retail isn’t big enough to detrimentally affect the environment but this is not the case. We all have a part to play in how the environment is affected and retail is such an intrinsic part of day to day life that it is impossible for it not to play a part.

6 Ways To Adopt an Eco-Friendly Approach To Retail

Climate Change in the News Climate change and the environment are topics that we are consistently hearing more and more about over the last number of years. Just recently we saw various well organised parades and demonstrations in relation to climate change around the world. These all managed to grab major headlines due to the presence of some high profile celebrities like actor Leonardo Di Caprio and model Cara Delevinge.

Interesting Facts About The World’s Largest Malls

Retail commercial space has always been big business. Over the years many new retail shopping mall developments have been created to satisfy the demands of consumers. Some areas around the world command higher rents and prices than others and of course that depends on demand and footfall.

World’s Busiest Airports: Passenger Traffic Trends Over The Years

10 Highest Retail Rental Costs In the World

Retail rental rates obviously vary depending on location but the changes in retail rental rates over the last 5 years has been substantial. City centre areas and areas with high population density usually equals high footfall, therefore equating to higher retail rental prices.

Why You Need A Customer Counting System In Your Store

A customer counting system is a management tool designed to identify your store’s closing ratio, which is the percentage of all the traffic that entered the store that actually bought something. No store sells to everyone. Most mall-based specialty stores sell to less than half their traffic.

The Evolution Of Technology In Retail Customer Experience

Retailers are forever searching for new ways to improve the customer experience and boost sales. We explore advancements in retail technology, and examine how they’ve shaped the retail industry over the years. The modern retail industry emerged in the late 1800s with the introduction of department stores.

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